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Write a simple text prompt and instantly generate a completely unique and effective guided meditation tailored to your needs.

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Missed Deadlines

By Olivia

Travelling through Space

By Lucas


By Olivia

Not Giving Up

By Olivia

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Discover the benefits of generating guided meditation.

Instant and Effective

Experience in mere seconds, an effective and deeply resonating guided meditation.

personal meditation
voice of your choice

Voice of Your Choice

Choose a soothing voice to guide you and never be limited again by what a human meditation teacher has created.

Unique Every Time

Each meditation is uniquely generated by our AI so you can use the same text prompt over and over again.

unique meditation


Enjoy listening to some of our samples and try it out yourself.


  • Seated at Campfire

    By Lucas

  • Flying Through Clouds

    By Lucas

  • Travelling in Space

    By Lucas


  • Impostor Syndrome

    By Olivia

  • Big Presentation Tommorow

    By Lucas

  • Social Anxiety

    By Emma


People love what we do and we want to let you know.

  • I love that I can choose prompts related to my emotional state or meditation goals, and then get a meditation that's unique and tailored just for me.
  • I've tried it out and it's pretty freaking awesome, I'm quite amazed how well it works and can't wait to see how it developers further. I'd suggest you give it a try!
  • The level of customization in Guided is really impressive. I'm now able to listen to a meditation tailored to my specific needs and routines. I love it!
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